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Getting College Done: Manage Your Work, Live Your Life, and Get the Most Out of the College Experience

PDF download, $7.99

Discover the systems, skills, and habits you need not only to get your work done, but also to achieve your academic goals—while getting the most out of your college experience.

Students come to college unprepared for the college reality—no one cares what you do with your time. Every college counselor tells students that the critical college success factor is “time management.” No one tells you how to do it.

Getting College Done will teach you the power of conscious choice: how to get your arms around everything going on in your life, give everything you choose to do its time and place, and to do it such that you reduce stress and build the life you want.

You’ll also learn…

  • How to quickly put together simple, inexpensive, and effective planning tools
  • To see change as normal, and to deal with it without stress
  • How to dig yourself out of a hole without caffeine, consecutive all-nighters, or burnout
  • The causes of procrastination, and how to deal with it in the moment
  • How to embrace the realities of the student “job” and make them work for you
  • The satisfaction of pulling it all together—HOW TO “GO PRO.”

These benefits are not dependent on natural talent or inherent smarts. They are available to any student willing to inject some time and energy. The result is the satisfaction of knowing that you gained the most there was to be had from your time in school, and the confidence that you can do the same going forward into your career.